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Human rights are standards that are essential to the full development of individuals and communities. They allow all people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice and peace. Gender equality is such a basic human right and WAA Cameroon has recorded success history of safeguarding equality by bringing alternative approaches to addressing the inequalities and diverse forms of violence against children and women in Cameroon.

Here are some of its achievements in this light:

  • Advocacy to change laws that discriminate against women and girls has given birth to the existence of a Draft Law on Child Marriage.

  • Closely related to the achievement above, WAA Cameroon produced a mini album and music on Child Marriage, which is one of its strongest advocacy tools on the phenomenon.

  • Founder of the Queens for Peace International (QPI) which has become one of WAA’s most promising programs, that brings together female traditional title holders, the wives of traditional leaders and princesses to advocate for the rights of community women and girls and for peaceful coexistence.

  • Creating ‘Gender Clubs’(Boys Count Initiative) in schools with the aim of mainstreaming gender in and around the school milieu and engaging boys in curbing all forms of violence against girls and women. 

  • Considerable strides have been registered in the production of a ‘Vox Pop’ in different mother tongues from the 10 regions of the country on the ills of child marriage.

  • WAA Cameroon is a member of the Gender-Based Violence sub-group coordinated by UNFPA and MINPFROFF. Through this group, she has been able to enhance the visibility of GBV needs and mainstream GBV prevention and response.

  • In 2014 WAA Cameroon hosted the 6th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights which brought over 500 participants and resource persons from Africa and beyond to address the vulnerabilities of girls and women visa vis their SRHR. This helped to spur up the need for the protection of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of women and girls.

  • Most recently, WAA Cameroon has created a Task Force made of both Traditional and Religious leaders. This Task Force has intervened and stopped 10 child marriages from going through and these leaders are actively implementing strategies that will put an end to child marriages in their communities.




Over one billion people are poor globally (Kiron Wadhera, George Koreth 2012). And within this major problem, women seem to be entrenched in social, structural, economic and cultural forces which keep most of them (especially rural women and Internally Displaced Persons) disempowered, subordinate and economically dependent. WAA through this program focuses on poor rural and socially disadvantaged persons especially women in an effort to improve on their family’s income. Achievements in this respect so far include but not limited to: 

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