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Have children lost their rights to live and to be protected?

Ever since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, child protection has greatly been affected, the situation of conflict-affected children in the South-West, North-West and Far North regions has worsened. There has been many delinquencies manifested towards and on these children. They have been the most affected during the crisis. These children are at risk of death, poor physical and mental health, HIV/AIDS infection, educational problems, displacement, homelessness, vagrancy and poor parenting skills later in life.

Funny enough while child protection in emergency contexts is increasingly becoming a priority throughout the world, a systematic approach to protecting these children in conflict and emergencies is often absent, particularly in terms of a lack of agreement in the definition of what constitutes child protection in emergency contexts.

Children are the most vulnerable groups affected in crisis. In 2020, we had cases where children and parents (mothers) have been brutally murdered in cold blood during the crisis. Thinking out loud of the Ngarbuh incident of October 24th, 2020 were armed men stormed the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, killing seven children and injuring another thirteen. The attack in Kumba prompted a national and international outcry; killing children and attacks on educational facilities constitute serious violations of international law the perpetrators must be held accountable.

The massacre committed on 14th February 2020 in the NGARBUH district of NTUMBAW in the North West region of Cameroon with a reported death toll of 23 burnt civilians including pregnant women and children .

Have children lost their rights to live and to be protected?

It is so heart breaking to know that the ones to be protected are the first to be killed or used as soldiers in the crisis. WAA Cameroon joins her voice with other Humanitarian groups and societies to say no to violence inflicted on children. As we condemn these acts we equally plead for the return of peace and respect for human rights and values, for a fairer democratic society where the hope of the youth can find at best its raison d’être with fewer tears and injustices in Cameroon. Children have the right to education and freedom.

If we must save the world, we must start by securing the future!

By Ellenor Ngwe

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